Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Quirks of Coding in Finance

Today I found myself dealing with a vendor who wanted to be paid, as they all eventually do. This particular vendor was rapidly approaching eventually. I was too. With the new fiscal year, we switched to a new financial management system, so there are glitches, but I still feel “check-is-in-the-mail” smarmy even though I have done my part.

Knowing I had done my part, I ran a few queries in the system in search of the hide-and-seek PO with the expectation that I could nudge the process along.

Then I came across an entry that stopped me in mid-scroll.

TX STATEWIDE NETWORK OF ASSES  09/18/14   25.00  membership renewal for 14-15

Not only did we join and pay dues - it was a RENEWAL!

And it is a statewide network!!!!

The finance office does not have my juvenile sense of humor. When I suggested they adjust the number of characters in the field, without any appreciation for the post, one person replied, “if you just click on it you see the entire entry.”

I know that.

But the entire name is not funny. Adding “ment Professionals” to what is there makes it as droll as one imagines reading purchase order entries to be. Only the happy quirks of coding create nuggets of humor in unexpected places.

I will take those those joy-gems - even the juvenile ones.

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