Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All good things...

For the last three and a half years, I've had the most wonderful vehicle I could imagine. Sure, it's kind of funny looking and resembles a baby hummer; however, unlike the recent commercial for the H3, I picture my Element's parents being two full grown military type hummers, not some fusion of robot and monster.
It may look funny, but there are few things it could't do!
I never had the intention of buying an Element when I first drove one on a whim at the Honda dealership, but after running through the list of cars I was "really" interested in, I could only come back to the Element. I never could decide what to call it - a car, truck, suv. It could be any and all of them depending on whether I had the seats in or a trailer hitched on. If versatility is a virtue, then the car was a saint.
Unless some other truly spectacular vehicle comes along in a few years, I am certain I will have an Element again.

...I turn forty in a few months.

And the sports car bug bit me.

Yesterday the Element went to find a new home and I came home with my mid-life crisis car. I have not totally lost my mind. I probably have the most practical sports car out there - never mind that it's a 6-speed standard with a V-Tech engine....
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