Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Side Effects May Include...

I have never been a fan of taking medicine, but I’m good about doing it. Whenever I am prescribed an antibiotic, I take it no matter how sick it makes me feel.

One of the highlights of taking any medication is the visit to the pharmacy where the pharmacist (or pharm-tech) reads the script at the little side window that provides absolutely no privacy. I know I heard what the person said to everyone ahead of me, so I know everyone after me is going to hear what he has to say to me. At least they don’t usually name the diagnosis.

Last week I went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds. The doctor and I decided it was time for me to start taking medicine over a month ago, but he gave me some options to explore about which drug or combination of drugs I would take. After reading all about them, talking to people I know who were taking them, and some serious soul-searching, I decided on the meds I wanted.

Two days after the prescription was called in the drugs were ready for me to pick up. Since it was a new prescription, I got to have a conference with the pharmacist – despite the volumes of research I had already done.

He goes into the first medication and reads his script about common side effects – nausea, dizziness, rash – all the usual suspects.

He goes to the next prescription and reads his script about side effects – and gets to some for which I am to call the doctor immediately. They include nausea, dizziness, and rash!

He kept a straight face!

Of course, the pharmacist’s script leaves of some of the side effects one can read about if one reads all the information available.

One of my meds has possible side effects that range from rash to sudden death.

I was driving today and a friend could hear that I was driving and asked me what I thought about operating a vehicle – he knew of the possible sudden death I could be facing any day now.

I assured him that I didn’t have a problem with driving.

He replied, “Well, you’ll be dead, so I guess a crash wouldn’t matter to YOU!”
I kept driving.

I’m not going to let a medicine’s the side effects stop me any more than I’ve let disease.

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