Monday, December 08, 2008

What I Would Have Said

Where does the time go? In the last few weeks I’ve had so many topics for posts come across my mind, but have not successfully composed one or posted it.

I am also a week late in sending out my holiday cards. I have been trying to take the perfect picture to match my mood this year: cranky. But I have yet to get the perfect one snapped – and it is double difficult because I rely on the timer delay on my camera since I take my own picture. Yes – I even have to multi-task picture taking.

I digress.

Had I actually written posts for your enjoyment they would be:

1) What is the BCS thinking? (in which I grouse about UT not making it to the National Championship Game)

2) Economics Schmeconomics (in which I rejoice at having seven professional certifications in education, thus will likely stay employed)

3) Party Anxiety (in which someone else had a party at my house)

4) Election Hangover (in which I think I still have to check every 15 minutes for the latest Sarah Palin gaffe)

5) Lights Fantastic (in which my roommate succeeds in putting up enough Christmas lights around the house to confuse small airplanes heading to the airport behind my house)

Just think of the hilarity and grouching you missed out on!
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