Sunday, January 04, 2009

O Holy Drag

A few weeks ago when I was visiting Wichita, Kansas, I finally visited some of the gay bars there. Let’s just say that I have been to better bars than those, but I must admit that the presence of the bars in Wichita impressed me.

And they have drag shows!

Who  knew?

Apparently, drag is HUGE in Wichita.

Who knew?

Austin has a few regular drag queens and the always-amazing Austin Babtist [sic] Women (comedy gospel charity group), but no real drag culture. I know other cities have a vibrant drag community, but they are all similar to Austin in the large urban, somewhat socially liberal cities. That Wichita has a drag scene surprises me.

I caught the show the Sunday night before Christmas.

It was the Christmas Special!

Christmas is the perfect time for drag. All the glitter and color and pageantry of the holiday create a perfect excuse for a drag show.

It did not help much here.

The first song I heard performed was “O Holy Night.”

It was performed like a drag anthem, but it’s not! How can I say this nicely: it was just WRONG!

Nothing else the performers presented in the special represented a real drag anthem. As a whole it was bad drag all around, but I had a great time. If anything else because it was so unexpected.

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