Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mowing it Old School

While I was in grad school (again) I broke down and hired a person to do my front lawn. It created a little bit of time I could recapture for myself even though yard work is one of my favorite chores. Even though I completed grad school almost a year ago, I continued to let him mow the lawn as he had so many stories of struggle and needing the money.

Since my job is on the cutting block, I need the money too, so I finally decided to let him go and mow myself.

In addition to enjoying the work of mowing and trimming the yard, I really wanted to do what I can to go green. I decided to purchase an old fashioned reel mower since my yard is so small. I cannot imagine a time that I won't be able to get the lawn done with the reel mower and I will save a bit on emissions - and do the lawn at midnight and not disturb the neighbors.

The first two rounds of mowing actually went a little bit faster than it did with the old power mower. So I feel good about being good and saving a little time.
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