Sunday, February 12, 2012

Routine II

Even on the weekend, I generally wake up at my normal time of 5:00 a.m. I have done it for so many years that my body rises to consciousness regardless of when my alarm clock goes off. I actually enjoy the early rise on weekends. While many people look forward to the time to sleep in, I look forward to the quiet.

A cup of coffee (well, two pots) and news on the radio let me slip into the day with ease instead of rushing into it from the moment I awake. I start laundry, read headlines, and catch up with twitter and other social media. Even the noise around the neighborhood and from the airport is lacking during the early morning hours.

Now that football season is over, getting up early also gives me the chance to nap in the afternoon, a luxury reserved only for special days.

Due to the hectic nature of my schedule in the coming months and this being the last unscheduled weekend until May, I have enjoyed the early mornings to make the absolute most of my free time – and the nap to give me a little rest going into the week. My house is mostly clean and all my meals are prepared and packaged for the week, so I can head to bed relaxed and ready to step into a busy week.

Now I just have to keep it all together.
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