Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memory Lapse

As happens almost every year, I moved from one office location to another. Because of construction, I had to store everything but those items I used on a daily basis.


When I finally had the opportunity to move into my new office a few weeks ago, I discovered two boxes of my office supplies had disappeared. People who know me know I have something of an office supply fetish, so I invest my own money in having supplies that actually work as opposed to those that often come in the public sector where the cheapest bid wins. In those two boxes was a couple hundred dollars’ worth of materials. Because everything was stored in an unsecure location, I figured someone decided they liked my office supplies as much as I did.


I let the appropriate people know and whined to everyone else for the following three weeks.


Today I got a call asking if my box had a certain couple of items. I confirmed that it was my box.


When I asked about them, I was told where they were found.


Then I remembered that was exactly the place I put them so they would not be “stolen.” I hate when that happens.


Finding the right hiding place proves to be a challenge – especially when the best ones are so good they are forgettable – especially two months later.


After work, I quickly incorporated the found supplies into my office arrangement. I will stop whining and pretend nothing happened while I happily staple with my good stapler and hole-punch with my good hole-punch. Maybe no one will notice – except those who read about it.

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