Friday, June 07, 2013

Truck Guy in a Car World

Recently I took a new job that requires a fifty mile commute each direction. I have considered making the move, but financial considerations make it better for me to remain in my house and make a move in a few years; my current property is gaining value too rapidly to sell right now.

I have almost always had a truck of some kind. Most recently a full-sized Honda Ridgeline. I am a truck guy.

That truck lasted two days on the commute. Eighteen miles per gallon just would not cut it. I am a truck guy who hates filling up every two days.

So, I switched to a car. I have averaged 38.3 MPG in the trips since then. For the road trips I like to take, that put a huge smile on my face - especially since I was assured by the salesman that the real MPG was about 34. I pointed out to him that I know how to drive a standard and that I usually get above the rated mileage on vehicles. So far I am right! That is exciting too. I am a truck guy in a car world!

In all honesty, I used the truck as a truck one or two times a year.

Unless you count road-rage.

Having a full-sized truck while dealing with people in sub-compacts doing truly stupid things it traffic did give some intimidation factor.

Today, an idiot in a truck sped past a long line of us going the speed limit, slammed on her brakes, and swerved across two lanes of traffic going 70 mph. I sooooo wanted to be in a truck with a grill-guard and push her into the ditch. Now I am the one in the compact car: there will be no pushing trucks into the ditch.

The reality is that I do not need a truck, and living my ethic of social justice and conservation demands that I drive a suitable vehicle. The car is the right vehicle for me at this time and I am excited about being ok with it. The country boy in me will always want a truck (as will the Napoleon complex), but the intellectual liberal will like myself better for driving the vehicle that actually meets my needs. I am a truck guy in a car world and I am ok with that.

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