Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not the Season I Wanted

Today marked the third week of the NFL season. Since the clock ticked to 0:00 the Superbowl, I have anticipated the return of professional college and professional professional football. Four weeks into the college season and three weeks into NFL play and all I can say about any of it is “meh.”

Granted the first week of the NFL season was a wash due to a raging case of food poisoning that kept me from watching any games, so I have only had two weeks to judge, still none of the games I have watched have sustained my interest or found a way to get me engaged in rooting for (or against) any team.

The teams I normally follow and know best have not played remotely close to the level of potential they have. No performance of any of the other teams  have caught my attention. Frankly, I have been bored with the games at both levels. I have not been able to identify what it is different about the game - or what is different about me.

Most of the season remains and I maintain hope that it will become more captivating for me. It better. What is there to replace it? Hockey?

Looks like I will be stuck with even mediocre football.
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