Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Was that my cell phone...

or do you make me all tingly in my pockets?

For several months, I have been experiencing a tingling sensation in my pocket area from time to time and frantically grabbed my cell phone to see who’s calling or who left a message only to be disappointed that there is no trace of a call, missed call, or message.

I feared I was getting some strange nervous disorder which caused my right thigh and pelvic area to tingle intermittently.

I feel so much better now though – the news on the Associated Press today relieved my worries. A new phenomenon, much like phantom limb syndrome has been discovered with cell phones and BlackBerries: it has been called “ringxiety” and “fauxcellarm.”

April is six months away, so the story must be serious. And it does make me feel so much better – I truly thought I was losing my mind (yet again) or was having some kind of nervous tic.

The sensation came most often when I was in busy and loud situations and was expecting a call or text from someone, so I prefer the term “ringxiety.”

“Fauxcellarm” has a nice roll on the tongue.

Ringxiety is easier to text, so I’m guessing it will make it into Webster’s first.

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