Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Worry for Mom

Mostly on a whim, I purchased a scooter this past week. My friends needed to sell, the price was right, and I came away with a barely used scooter. The first couple of nights, I made some brief drives around the neighborhood to get comfortable with the handling and by Saturday I was up to giving friends rides and getting out to the main road for a quick trip to the gas station to refill.
The ride went so well, that I decided to take the scooter to church this morning. The weather was perfect for a morning drive on the scooter. With relative ease, I was at church in the same amount of time it takes in my truck and I was feeling pretty exhilarated.
As soon as church was over, I called a friend who lives quite a distance from me to see if I could swing by to see him as he had been traveling for a couple weeks and we had only barely talked on the phone. To get to his house involved several other busy streets in the city for more traffic practice.
Again with relative ease, I made it to his house. We had a nice visit and I was able to see most of the over 500 pictures he had taken on his trip to Israel. The weather was equally perfect on leaving his house for the drive home and I was able to check out a few more streets around town to determine their scooter friendliness.
The trip home from my friends actually happened faster than it normally does in my truck, so I felt especially good about making that trip even though it took me through rough streets under construction. 
I’m excited that now I can run most of my errands in the scooter instead of my truck and even feel less guilty about just fun trips.
Of course, it just means one more thing my mother will worry about.
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