Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Water Death

While observing the life around the pond, I noticed too, how precious life was by the creatures that lost their life there.
Some moths landed too close to the water.

Some frogs come out of the water to land on fire ants and were soon devoured.

You cannot see the frog because so many ants are covering it. I had to poke it with a stick to see what they were eating.

Some frogs were just dead - perhaps after trying to catch a bee instead of a fly.

And some flies were just dead because they landed on my leg and I swatted them. I do not have any pictures because there was not anything left to show of them.
The glories of life in its diversity was only made more valuable by the juxtaposition of death side-by-side.
I just have to be still and around me, I will see the entirety of the circle of life.
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