Friday, June 17, 2011

To Puppy or Not to Puppy

It has been five months since my last dog passed away and I have been pondering getting another pet. I have considered a variety of options in the pet area - do I want a cat that is going to shed all over the place? Do I get a poodle-ish dog that does not shed but requires regular grooming? Do I consider another dog, which will shed, though likely not at much as a cat? I've been leaning toward the dog options because I would like one that will force me to get into a regular routine with running.

In looking at all the local animal shelters, though, almost every dog that fits the size and energy level I want in a pet is is pit-bull. While I am not innately against the breed, I have not been able to reconcile getting one from the shelter due to the uncertain background from which it hails.

One friend, on hearing that I was considering a pet, started texting me adorable pictures and videos of a little puppy he is training for some of his other friends. He believes she would be perfect for me. Though she is adorable, she seems more like a house-dog rather than a running partner. Nevertheless, I am going to check her out. How can I not check out a puppy called "MooCow" because of her near perfect Holstein spots?

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