Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretending to be Techie

Today one of my former students asked if it was crossing the line to call me a nerd while commenting on my tweets noting my progress of converting my painfully slow netbook to a managably quick Chromebook. No, it is still not as fast as my other computers, but I can most definitely feel less than bored with it now.

Because it now operates off the web, I am also going to have to become better at integrating the full set of Google tools into my personal toolbox. I already use Google+, Blogger, Gmail, and really like the Chrome browser. Now I just have to work at integrating how Google docs and my calendar here can be best integrated.

Could I move away from Apple and my beloved MacBook Pro and iPhone?

I am not there yet, but in the first hours, the ease with which I’m navigating back and forth between these programs seems to give me reason to believe I can migrate toward  cloud computing much more easily than I thought I could.
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