Monday, December 05, 2011


Without paying much attention to it, I reached my 400th post. During November I noticed I was into the upper 300’s and thought I should do some special post for number 400, then as I was looking at some visitor statistics, I saw the nice round 400 for total posts. Fortunately, those posts have been spread over 6+ years, so it has not been something I have been addicted to – as I can be with new technology.

After over six years, this is old technology, though I do update the template from time to time and expand it as I become more proficient with the layout. Eventually, I am going to be comfortable enough with some format that I will be managing it with my own website.

As I look over the numbers, the posting has been somewhat consistent over the years, though a couple of the years got a boost with NaBloPoMo as I attempted to write something every day for a month.

2005 – 2 posts (created and forgot it in a month’s time)
2006 – 41 posts (rediscovered it and started exploring)
2007 – 109 posts (really embraced the blog)
2008 – 64 posts (grad school took a toll)
2009 – 57 posts (more grad school)
2010 – 64 posts (finished grad school)
2011 – 62 posts and counting (including this one)

I have met over 20 people in person because of the blog – most of whom I met on a 24 hour trip to New York and back for a blogger picnic. I am still in contact with three of those people. Additionally, I have formed friendships with the two west-coaster bloggers I met while in Los Angeles a few years ago.

This continues to be a fun little aside for me. I have never sought to give it much purpose like the other blogs I write or to which I contribute, or make it into anything profitable as have some of the blogs I follow. I just like to write whatever comes to mind and toss it out there for the amusement of others. And so it goes.

Here’s to 401 and counting.
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