Saturday, August 04, 2007

What? Me? Think?

My dear friend over at Lunar Gemini honored me as one of his “Thinking Bloggers.”

Instantly a wave of writer’s block overwhelmed me – what if I say something stupid!?!

Indeed, that very day, I had planned to come home and vent about the “raise” I received with the new job – and I will do that yet (when I can laugh about it and not cry).

The bloggers I read regularly who are “thinkers” have been already named. I’m going to reserve naming any thinking bloggers until I find some new ones I consider thinkers. I’m regularly following the links and discovering new and interesting bloggers.

On a personal note, I’m somewhat excited that the 2000th hit is coming up since I installed a counter in January. I know some blogs have that many hits an hour (and so I won’t contribute to their traffic by linking to them), but for my own excursion in writing to reach this number in eight months motivates me to write more and to write better.

I enjoy the regular weekly posts some bloggers do and have been contemplating my own regular column. Stay tuned.

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