Sunday, August 12, 2007

Public Nudity

Travis County (of which Austin is a part) is the only county in Texas that I know of which has it’s own public nude beach. I go down there from time to time (not that I ever go nude myself) because it is one of the places I’ve found where I can truly relax.

Nudists have a way of getting right to the point.

Today I was ordained as a deacon in my church.

Baptists have a way of getting right to the point too.

Part of the ordination service involved the laying on of hands by any of the Christians in the service. In the process, they offer encouragement, a prayer, or an insight they know of you.

The simplest way to express the experience is to say that God truly exists. People I barely know made the comments that struck the heart of my soul. Somehow they knew my inmost heart. The experience proved humbling.

My life has always contained a large portion of faith, but today my faith was even overwhelmed by the insight into me. I felt more exposed than if I had been standing there naked.

I’m glad I don’t have experience from the lake; it was much more meaningful today before the congregation.
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