Thursday, January 03, 2008

Monotechnical Again

I’m back to being monotechnical again. In August, I was actually happy to have branched out and attempted to move from pure PC by purchasing a Macbook. The going was rocky because the operations truly are so different, but I figured that with time, I would be as proficient with Apple as I am with PC.

Four months later and I’m doing well not to throw the Macbook at a wall every time I try to use it.

I didn’t know there was something I couldn’t learn, but I have found something. The Macbook is a pretty looking machine, but that is the only nice thing you will hear me saying about it.

The Mac fans (freaks) brag about the simplicity of the machines. After four months I have yet to find anything simple about the Apple. The logic behind Apple programs does not match my logic. I learned to use computers on Apples and never liked them. Nothing has changed in the intervening fifteen years.

From the first time I began work on a PC, it worked beautifully for me. The logic behind it matched my way of thinking and I was able to fully use it right away.

So, last week, I ordered another new laptop – a Dell again because of the professional discount I get. It took me just a little while to get it set up the way I wanted and I was off and running with it and am happy.

I admit when I’m beat – and Apple beat me. I simply cannot use them and have no desire to try them again. Check out Craigslist – there will be a barely used Macbook for sale cheap!
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