Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hot Stuff!

Beware “Reply All.”

Because my job sometimes requires me to send out email reminders to some 600 people at a time, I learned the value of “bcc” after just the first experience when some people responded to the entire group with a hostile response. Since that time, the large group has all been under “bcc” so any response will be minimal. I “cc” a few key people, so they will know what has been sent and anyone who needs to, can respond to the key persons.

Yesterday was one of the days I got to send out the mass email.

Today the replies started coming in.

Thank goodness for the “bcc.” The only “reply all” said:

Hey there! Whaz up hot stuff? When are we doing happy hour?

In a way, I wanted all 600 to know that I was “hot stuff,” but I’m glad only three people saw it. Those three are going to give me enough hell for a long time.

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