Monday, February 11, 2008


I must confess.

I’m a murderer.

Actually, it was more involuntary pescacide.

I planted some new bulbs in my aquarium a few weeks ago only to have the aquarium infested with algae within a week. I’ve done the treatments, but just could not get ahead of it, so as a last resort, I emptied most of the water and then netted the fish and placed them in an alternate, pre-prepared container. I even had the aerator going, and because it was a shallower dish, I had a rag over the top to keep any from accidentally jumping out.

After making sure I had caught all the quick little fish in the murky water, I drained the rest of the water out, washed all the accessories, and filled the tank again with water.

After letting the tank process for a while and the water reach an acceptable temperature, I took the cloth off to discover a bowl of dead fish. Only the mollies were alive.

I did everything I was supposed to do to make sure the water was ready, the right temperature, with an aerator. Everything.

I even double checked the chemicals I used in the water.

I was mortified to discover I had used the wrong water conditioner. I used the one that added healthy bacteria and such to the water, but not the one to remove chlorine.

I was mortified that I had poisoned my fish.

So until I get to the pet store and purchase some more fish, the 5 mollies have 55 gallons of playroom.

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