Monday, July 27, 2009

(Relationship) Toxic Blog

I generally try to be somewhat restrained in talking about relationships or work in a public forum such as this. I don’t go to any extraordinary measures to hide my identity, so I could be found out by lovers or co-workers (Hey there, N, L, K, J, W, and C!).

This, for me, is simply not the place to air dirty laundry.

So, I try to keep personal and work related posts to the generic, humorous, absurd, or positive.

Twice I have mentioned that I have a boyfriend.

Twice, within days of mentioning said boyfriend, the relationship has ended.

So, I have made a resolution:

Whereas every time I mention a boyfriend in a post, the relationship ends and,

Whereas I really want a stable relationship in my life;

Therefore, be it resolved that I shall never again mention any relationship by title in a blog post.

From now on, anything regarding my personal relationship status will just have to be inferred through the text - or if you know me, you can just ask me directly, but don’t sit around refreshing this page for any juicy bits.

At least, not any juicy bits about me!

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