Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Excuse Me

Since I have fully determined to lose the 20 pounds I added last year (and the ten I started the year wanting to lose), I have been packing my lunch daily. My lunches have all been a very healthy chopped vegetable salad with a nice garlic and onion vinaigrette dressing. The salad fills and satisfies.

It also causes gas.

Shortly after lunch, I resumed work. At one point I turned from my computer screen to look at a paper on my desk. Midway through the turn, a burp erupted that echoed across my office and out into the greater room outside.

Four people share the space outside my office. The way it is organized, I cannot see if anyone is present at any given time or not. I waited a moment to see if any shocked response emanated from the outer area. No response came, but I felt obliged to offer up an apology, so matching the volume of the burp, I shouted, “Excuse me.” out to any unfortunate person who may have heard the offense.

My embarrassed cry was met my the motion sensor turning off the lights in the outer area.

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