Sunday, January 03, 2010

Life on the Beach

On Christmas Eve, R. took me for a walk along Miami Beach. It was really nice to be able to go down on the beach in late December and enjoy it. Although the temperatures were nice, it was a very windy day and the shore had seaweed and Portuguese Man o' War all along the water line and higher. Amid all this, there were sponges and other kinds of debris washed in with the wind and waves.

At one location amid the seaweed, I noticed the bottle cap and a seed of some kind. I could not tell exactly what kind of seed it was and it seemed to be growing, so I pulled it out for a closer look and found two signs of life. One end of the seed had well developed barnacles from its time in the water, but at the other end, a green sprout was just beginning to come out of the brown shell.

Nature can be quite amazing with the resilience of her many life forms. I enjoyed seeing all the different things along the beach and look forward to more trips back to the beach with R.
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