Saturday, February 20, 2010

Almost Trashed

I only take the walk down to the mailbox a time or two a week because 95% of what comes is junk mail. It takes very little time to scan through the piles of envelopes and circulars to determine what I'm going to keep and what is instantly going into the trash.

The other day, as I picked through the junk, one envelope caught my eye with it's red stamps and bold print. With the overbearing print, it was clearly nothing I really wanted to see.

But being the speed reader that I am, I noticed the first line under the bold red stamp - then paused to read the rest.

Almost anyone who watches television will be able to figure out which insurance company sent the letter. Though the letter went quickly into the trash, I did take the time to pull out my camera and take a photo of the humorous lines on the front of the envelope.

I wonder how many others have completely missed the humor in the rush to dispense of an additional piece of clutter in their lives.

Clearly the marketers somewhere thought this would be an effective strategy to get people to slow down and at least think about the product (which I'm more sure they made a point to sell on the inside of the envelope - that I did not open). They did get me to slow down and chuckle a bit and I appreciate them for it, but I'm still not changing car insurance.

However, if I do....

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