Friday, February 19, 2010


It has taken forever to get through all the photos I took during the trip to Disney in January. In going through them, I found my favorite photos were from Animal Kingdom which is the semi-zoo, semi-safari part of the Disney parks.

Of all the photos taken there, the photos of the extremely colorful birds were among my favorites. Though not as colorful as some of the birds in the compound, the flamingos were particularly photogenic - perhaps because they just stood there with their heads tucked in.

Thanks to the magic of the zoom lens, I was able to take this incredibly close-up picture of the flamingo. When I print it, I think I'm going to order it in poster size because of the stunning details in the feathers when seen at full size. I just keep going back to the picture again and again. If your computer will allow, click on the picture to enlarge.

When I have a little more time to sit at the computer and play, I'll be posting more pictures of the different animals at Animal Kingdom.

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