Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just over a week ago one of my friends fulfilled a fantasy I think everyone has from time to time.
He ran away.
Packed up his car. Started driving.
Ended up in New York, New York.
I cannot decide if he lost his freakin’ mind or is the most amazing person I know right now.
Still, the idea is growing more appealing as this week progresses. The program audit is next week. Honestly, do I really need to be there? I guess since I am the program coordinator, I should be.
But the idea of running away certainly is enticing as the stress of the week builds. New friends. New identity. New direction. Ahh the fantasy.
Nevertheless, if I were to run away, what really would I do differently? My work is my passion. I am equally passionate about my volunteer work. I love and cherish my friends - would I really make better ones somewhere else?
Our minds run to strange places as the stress mounts, but the best places are where the heart is, so I do not plan to go anywhere soon.
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