Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reading Again

Since the completion of graduate school (again), I have been reading more "real" works again and have focused on finishing the book I started last September, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. As a former English teacher I made multiple attempts at reading the original Jane Austen tome, but never made my way through it.

I may have a red high-heel-shoe tape dispenser, but Austen's writing was too girly and forced for me to tolerate.

The zombies made it tolerable.

Actually, the zombies along with the newly created games, beheadings, and ninjas. Ninjas make any zombie story better. Heck, they make anything from Romantic England better.

My favorite of the games was "kiss me deer" in which the zombie fighting sisters would use their eastern arts stealth to wrestle down a deer and kiss it on the nose before setting it free (or taking it home for dinner). I think I was particularly drawn to that one because of the hours I spent as a child and youth in sneaking up on deer to see how close I could get without detection.

While the core of the story was preserved, the new additions gave the story a life befitting the times we are in today. Everything old is suspect but desired because of the perceived security in the known (but to be improved) conventions of society - we can always improve on our forebears.

Although I spent nine months getting through the book, I'm glad I persisted and look forward to the time when I am reading a book a week - just for fun. For a while it will all be for fun because between work and school it has been all thinking reading for too long.

Now, I think I'm up for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

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