Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seeking the Christmas Spirit

We have already reached the teens of December, but my mind keeps thinking we should be somewhere about early October. My iTunes keeps popping up Christmas tunes when I put on the d.j. function. Cards keep arriving in the mail. All around me is decorated.
My October brain’s first thought is, “it’s too early! Stop it!”
I organized the Advent devotionals for church and even ran the sound board for the Christmas cantata.
I designed my cards for this year - and even sent them to the printer (and picked them up). I just have not managed to mail them yet.
I have already done much of my Christmas shopping, and for those things I have not purchased, I have a pretty good list. I have not wrapped any and at least 21 need to be wrapped by Saturday morning.
Still, the Christmas spirit keeps eluding me no matter what I do to find it. Perhaps by the time I have made the drive to Kansas and enjoyed some days off work with my family up there, I will find the sprit. I would really hate to miss the holidays because the year went too fast.
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