Thursday, January 06, 2011

In Memorium - Rocco

Recently one of my dogs died unexpectedly. One time I go to the kitchen and he is playing with my other dog. The next time I go into the kitchen he is dead on the floor.  At only five years old, he was in the prime of his life as a Chihuahua.
Rocco, while honestly one of the ugliest Chihuahuas I have ever seen, was also one of the sweetest. He loved everyone and instantly responded to any attention with utter devotion and enthusiasm. 
Of course, you had to overcome his notoriously bad breath to get close enough to give him attention. And that he was an adult when I adopted him, he did not have the best habits in the house. Because of his bad habits, I kept both him and Emma locked out of the main part of the house unless I was playing with them.
Still, it was hard not to love a dog that gave so much unconditional love from the most minimum effort. The love dogs give makes them the loyal and popular pet they are, but some dogs excel at giving that love. Rocco mastered loving.
RIP dear Rocco.

*Rocco was so camera shy, this is the best picture I have of him.
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