Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wash Your Hands!

I do not know why anyone needs the Internet or television when all one has to do for entertainment is read the labels on everything. The habit of label reading came about a few years ago when I started noticing odd statements certainly placed on packaging to fulfill some legal requirement.

The latest label statement though, has me stumped.

I bought yet another suitcase. This one particularly because its size fills a void I did not have in any of the other luggage. It is bigger than the carry-on that came with the set of luggage on which I mostly rely, yet it still meets carry-on size requirements. I justified my purchase by pointing out that I grossly over-pack for most trips because I want to fill up the suitcase. My other carry-on was too small to pack sufficient clothes.

Now I can pack just what I need and not carry all that extra weight.

I think of it as doing my part for the environment: the plane will need less fuel because of my smaller suitcase.

Nevertheless, I remain stymied by one of the notices on the label. 


I generally maintain good hygiene and wash my hands regularly, but I need to wash my hands every time I touch the luggage? Certainly baggage comes in contact with many different things and who knows how many dirty-handed kids played with it while it remained in Target. My paranoia rises every time I move the bag from one place to another; I feel compelled to rush to the sink and wash my hands - singing the “ABC” song to ensure that my paws are sanitary.

I think I will run over the handles with a sanitary wipe – and pack a few for each leg of my trip – to guarantee I will not be infected by the mysterious toxin that lurks on the trunk.


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