Wednesday, January 17, 2007

B&W ice

I never thought I would turn out to be a photo-blogger, but given the ice of the last few days and my enjoyment of taking pictures, there is just so much to share. I started photography as a the photo-chief for my high school yearbook. Our darkroom only had black and white capabilities, so I learned how to do black and white. To this day, I prefer it for many uses. Recently, I learned how to convert the pictures from my digital camera into black and white, so I spent some of my ice day, editing the ice pictures into black and white versions.

My weber grill. The classic design was just made for making icicles.

The chimney of my chiminea. The entire structure is covered with about one-half inch of ice, but it is especially visible in the ring around the top.

The edge of my patio table.

My dogs keep tearing up the chicken wire I have placed around some plants in my garden - to keep the dogs out! Believe it or not, chihuahuas can be very destructive in a pack!
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