Sunday, January 28, 2007

Guitar Town #1

Recently the city of Austin began a street art festival honoring the live music for which the city is so well known. The Guitar Town project produced 33 guitars which have been mounted around town. All are outdoors and accessible to the public at large.

Many of the guitars have sponsors but all were created by local artists. All the guitars are to be auctioned for charity at the end of their public display.

When the weather is cooperative on the weekends and other occasions, I plan to go around town to photograph each of the 33 exhibits and will post them from time to time - well 33 times if I post each one.

Today's guitar is the one posted in front of the Austin City Hall building. I don't know if the artist knew where the guitar would be placed, but the colors and incorporation of Texas symbols (the Capitol and the longhorn) make it a perfect match for the native stone and copperwork around much of the building.

The "new" Austin City Hall is in itself a building worthy of it's own post.

For more information about the Austin Guitartown project check out the website.
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