Sunday, January 07, 2007

Food Review: Black-eyed Pea Pie

I suppose not every recipe comes out perfectly on the first try and that was the case with black-eyed pie. I needed a way to finish off the leftovers from my New Year's good luck feast. I decided to combine two foods commonly eaten together - black-eyed peas and cornbread.

The dish has a nice variety of textures with a firm crust of cornbread all the way around and the soft, almost creamy, filling of black-eyed peas. The bottom crust was a little rigid, but the top crust was a perfectly textured cornbread. The very bottom of the top crust was a bit mushy, but I'm not certain it is possible to get all of cornbread to firm up when there is essentially a wet bottom to it.

The flavor was good and the well seasoned black-eyed peas were essential to the taste. Cornbread tends to be cornbread.

While the paring of two foods which have long been associated is a masterful stroke, a few details of the recipe need to be worked out. When the cook perfects the timing of the crust, the pie will be a flavorful part of a meal; however, it lacks the substance to fully satisfy on it's own.

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