Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monkey Poo!

Recently I discovered BBC Radio 1 on my Sirius radio and have been high-school giddy. Simple pleasures really turn me on. BBC Radio 1 is the pop music station and it reminds me of the good radio stations I grew up listening to. The djs have a genuine rapport with the listeners and they know how to milk a good radio contest.

There is also something just fun about the accents. Even when they are being a bit naughty, they sound so proper.

Yesterday, the topic of discussion covered school field trips. Callers were invited to tell stories about their field trips or share the worst trip they had taken while in school.

Far and away, the winner for the day was a gentleman recounting his school’s year-end trip to a sewage farm (waste processing plant) where they didn’t learn anything and the only thing to see was “some poo floating about.”

With his accent, even that didn’t seem too bad.

I was recounting the story with some co-workers who shared their own.

One, a former Texas Aggie, shared her story of going to a snake farm with a gorilla that “threw shit” in addition to the snakes.

My mind couldn’t help but imagine this red-headed woman’s voice changing to an Irish brogue and saying: “That big ol’ monkey flung a bit o’ poo.”

But no, she stuck with Texan and he threw shit.

I think I’m becoming an anglophile.
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