Monday, March 05, 2007

Spring Springing

We have gone through some spurts of HOT weather in February this year only to have some arctic air slap us in the face a couple days later. Despite chilly nights this weekend, spring seems to finally have sprung here as the trees are fully in bud and the redbud trees are really turning pink (I guess pinkbud just didn't sound right).

I spent the weekend in my back yard and garden. As a result, I hurt in places I forgot I have. It is not everyday you spend hoeing up the bed for vegetables. I used one of the tools that breaks up the soil before actually pulling out the hoe. Actually, thanks to a friend who really enjoys gardening but lives in an apartment, came over and pulled up all the grass which had grown into the beds through the fall and over the winter. He helped make the work go much faster and he had a great time.

After working the beds, it was time to mow down the old dead grass and give the lawn a kick-start. One of the PBS gardener swears by beer. So I used beer.

I'm not a beer drinker, but had a few six-packs left over from the parties I had last year to celebrate the housewarming and my fortieth birthday, so I followed directions and poured a can into the sprayer and went around the lawn, dragging the hose and spraying the beer water mixture.

Today my lawn smells like it has a very bad hangover.

But next week when I have lush, thick, soft grass and my neighbors are stuck with still brown grass, they will be breaking out the beer too!
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