Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hair-um Scare-um

I'm so incredibly particular about my hair, the slightest thing going wrong with a style can ruin my year.For three years I've had the buzz look following the perm tragedy - it was a tragedy because I was not supposed to have a perm, but that's what happened due to a "misunderstanding" by the chemical person at the salon. I could not take that, so buzzed it off and kept it that way for three years.

In December I started growing my hair back out - and out it grew! I have lots of hair and people who had not known me with hair were shocked at just how much there was. I have no worries of balding anytime soon.

Now that my hair has been styled, I look like an adult again - unfortunately - I look close to forty and I've avoided looking my age for so long.

Botox, here I come!
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