Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smart Travelers Don't...

1) argue with the TSA screener when the obvious lack of scaring makes it highly unlikely there really is a metal plate in your head that keeps setting of the metal detector. Just go quietly behind the curtain, take a deep breath, relax and it won’t hurt too much.

2) wear flip-flops, no matter how much you like them, on the hills of San Francisco; they WILL cause blisters and in a very pedestrian city like San Francisco, you don’t want huge oozing blisters on the side of your foot.

3) fly with a hangover. Or better yet, fly with the remnants of your last night blowout in San Francisco still hanging on. It’s amazing just how much that big plane moves while sitting at the gate.

4) gasp at the $10 cost of a Burger King Value Meal at Los Angeles International Airport. I guess someone has to cover the cost of jewels for the creepy king.

4a) get the BK Spicy Big Fish Value Meal while flying with a hangover.

5) forget to change their iPod fully before beginning a days journey when one is at risk of being seated next to a talkative stranger.
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