Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Underwear Fun 'ter Wear

A couple months ago, I wrote about how comfortable some new underwear I had purchased were. I became a blogging superstar to about five people after that post – one of which was a REAL underwear fetish page.

Since then, I have been much more aware of the underwear I see in stores around me, but I certainly have not developed an underwear fetish – most of the time I much prefer my men without their underwear. But I have, nonetheless, enjoyed the search for underwear and all the ways we present it now.

Last weekend while in San Francisco, I came across a shop in Castro that sold clothing from exquisite sunglasses to jeans that cost almost as much as the rest of my wardrobe. In a display near the back of the store, a variety of underwear were presented and none of them matched anything I had seen in Austin.

The most intriguing box of underwear offered a week supply. Each pair was named to match a day of week and the box had explicit directions for turning the underwear inside out, so one could wear them a second day. Still, there were only three pair in the box. One day of the week was destined to be a commando day.

So, I bought the box. And believe it or not, they are incredibly comfortable. But since there are only six days, choose your day to come visit carefully.
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