Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flowing with Change

Last weekend while doing my hike and taking pictures of the rushing water, I found myself captivated by some of the water as it rushed toward the waterfall. As it encountered a rise in the stone or some hidden obstacle that was higher than the rest of the stream bed, the water rose up and tumbled backward, as if it was trying to escape the waterfall.



The inevitable tumble over the cliff came regardless of the energy spent trying to flow upstream.



I sat for a while, transfixed, thinking that this water was so much like us when we are confronted with change. We fight with every bit of energy we have to avoid the change, but ultimately are swept along with it.

Several events this week kept bringing me back to the images of the water attempting to run backward. Some events could be managed, others had to be accepted, but all were going to be what they were.

Change has been. Change is. Change will be. 

Living through change wisely is my goal.


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