Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 2012 Mckinney Falls 3 - Waterworks

I have done my first two posts without focusing on the namesake of McKinney Falls. I posted pictures of flowers growing in the park, but had nothing to show of the waterworks that give the park it's name. Onion creek, when flowing, provides some spectacular water effects as it flows down the park lands from the upper falls to the lower falls.


One shot from the upper falls.

The water beginning its journey from the upper falls to the lower falls.

The water about halfway between the upper and lower falls - directly below the historic rock shelter long used by native Americans.

Water going over some of the falls.
One of my OMG photos with the  colors captured in the water and the appearance that it is coming directly at the camera.


Another photo that just awed me. I enjoy those rare pictures that wow me now and then.
The lower falls.

An amazing photo of water coming together in one of the chutes leading to a waterfall. I love the texture and colors captured.
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