Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Surprises

After having my brief vacation in San Antonio, spring called me into the garden as it does every year. Following last year’s drought and the destruction rendered by two new puppies, my starting point was farther away than I am used to. So I started with the easy part – my planter boxes on the front porch.

I had already been surprised this year by the number of the bulbs I planted last year that came up. I had given up on them, certain they had baked in the heat of the sun against the planter boxes. Now though, I think I had just planted them too late for growth last year. Of course, it has been so long since I put them in that I have no idea what they are anymore.

Paired with the bulbs, I added some flowers, herbs, and garden plants to make the containers both colorful and functional.


And if they are growing veggies, I will be more diligent about watering them.

As I began pulling the weeds and old plants, I discovered that some of my garden plants, peppers and eggplant, from last season survived the drought and winter and sprouts were emerging from the base of the old stalks near the ground.


Who says there is no global warming?

Gardening provides surprises more often than not and for that reason, I anxiously await spring break to get the dirt under my nails and the greenery growing in my back yard.

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