Friday, October 12, 2012

And There Was Joy






         Today is a day of numbers.

         My birthday was sequential this time: 10-11-12.

         The calendar has clicked around 46 times.

         My birthday dinner cost $12.32 (+tip – I’m modest with my generosity, but it was generous).

         The football team from my school won 27-12.

         Ninety people (so far) have sent me birthday wishes. I think I have responded to all of them except one – my mother who only has spotty cell phone reception.

         Birthdays are not something I value too much – mine or others. I did not do anything special other than stay alive. I do not make a big deal of mine and tend not to mention it unless directly asked.

The day though does prompt reflection: do I matter? This year, the answer is yes. More important than the numbers, no matter how trivial is the connection I make with others. Every day I get to promote justice. Every day I get the chance to influence. Every day I get to do what I love.

I’ll wake up starting my 47th circle of the sun with joy – something about which I have written several times. Joy is not happiness; it emanates from a much deeper region. I live every day with joy.

The numbers. The greetings. The date. They just give me a reason to reflect and remember why.


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