Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deer Season - Photography

The weekend before deer hunting season's open, I staked myself  in my favorite deer blind to see what kind of wildlife was around following the drought and years since there was heavy hunting on the property. My first venture out into the pasture brought me up on the largest buck I had ever encountered on the land. Unfortunately, he startled too quickly upon my spying him for me to get a picture.

After being staked in the blind for just a few minutes, I began to see deer to the left and right of me. They were coming from everywhere, but none were remaining still enough, close enough for me to get any decent photographs. I willed them closer and closer, but none would obey my subconsicious directions.
Finally a young buck with just three points began to approach the stand. Seemingly fearless, he posed for many photos despite the camera's beeps and clicks. Had I carried a gun with me instead of a camera, I would be eating well today. Of course, I would much rather have the rack of the three other bucks I saw that evening, this one would have provided some tender, flavorful venison.
Just as the buck came along, a rabbit bounded by the stand. I attempted to snap pictures, but as with the earlier deer, it did not come stay still long enough to get a clear shot.

I could not help but think, "Bambi and Thumper - together again."

The scene did not last long as one of my parent's dogs came running out of the woods, but it did give me the opportunity to have some quiet time with the wildlife I grew up stalking with my bow, gun, and camera.

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