Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Country Music (not quite) To The Rescue

This week I have been pretty much on a non-stop Country Music kick. I’ve been a closet country music fan most of my life. Periods of Country Music have always had some of the voice of my life at different times.

A few days ago I wrote about modern country holding to traditional country with titles that only a country mama could love.

I pined about the lyrics that included “kissy kissy, smoochie smoochie, and mushy mushy.” I am admittedly good at kissy kissy and smoochie smoochie, but truly suck at mushy mushy.

Today I discovered a lyric from Brad Paisley that may be my way out: “I want to check you for tics.”

It gets directly to the point and there is NOTHING mushy mushy about it!

Somehow I don’t think the lyric refers to those with tourettes or those affected by fluorescent lights and video games either.
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