Monday, June 04, 2007

Enchanted Rock - Rocks

After mentioning "Enchanted Rock" several times in the posts after returning from the hike, I realized my pictures mostly focused on the flora which was unusually abundant this year rather than the rock we went to climb.

Above is the skyward view from inside one of the "caves" formed by large pieces of the rock which have fallen/slid partway down the side of the dome and become lodged together.

The view here looks across the gorge (there is a valley between the two domes of Enchanted Rock). You cannot tell the actual few hundred feet depth between the domes from this angel as it is looking down from the top of the higher dome to the top of the lower one, but there is a canyon (Echo Canyon) between the two. I'm not sure how it earned the name "Echo Canyon" with the abundant stand of Live Oak trees in it.

Over the years, the water has created paths to run down the side of the dome. In a few million years, these may become actual ravines, but as they are now, they are only an inch or less.

Rockslides over the millenia have created piles of boulders at various points down the side of Enchanted Rock with the majority of them all the way at the bottom. Still, it is somewhat amazing how they piled up in such seemingly precarious positions.

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