Monday, June 18, 2007

Rosie's Price

Barker’s Beauties beware.

Bob Barker endorsed Rosie O’Donnell as his replacement on The Price is Right.

Hmmm…an 83 year old lecherous man replaced by a 40-something year old lesbian. The Beauties can’t catch a break.

And since the former “Queen of Nice” left her namesake talk show, she has worked hard to lose that sobriquet. She’s done battle with publishers, The Donald, Kelli, and her co-host. Can you imagine what she would be like with some of the contestants who make the show?

I can just see it now – the announcer invites someone to “Come on Down,” and the camera pans the audience to find the person cowering down in his seat.

“Do I have to?” he asks.

“You’re the next contestant on The Price is Right!” the announcer intones.

And he does come on down for fear that Rosie will come out and bring him on down. I imagine the ratings will stay about the same, but the demographics will change.
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