Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post 201

From a modest false start in May of 2005, to today, I have finally passed post 200.

For those who post 200 times a week – I admire you, but I have a real job.

Actually, as I have said before, my job leads me to write and post. While I rarely give intimate details about work, the nature and stress of my work leads me to need a creative outlet and a place to vent. Sometimes I get to be creative there or actually spend so much time thinking there, I have little to write here. Sometimes I am so frustrated there I write daily when I get home.

Usually from the stress of work, I find myself seeking out the funny parts of life. Most often though, I get to present my warped view of the events that happen around me. And I am warped!

Expect me to grow increasingly warped. I realize that since I passed 40, I will say most anything I want.

Now with full-time work, graduate school (again), and health issues that occupy an increasing amount of my time, I am certain my sense of reality can only grow more perverse. Life has a way of doing just that. As the commercial proclaims, "Life comes at you fast." The faster it comes, the faster you learn to react. I firmly believe that a good honest reaction leads to the best decision. Sometimes it may seem foolish, but it has worked well so far.

Now on to the next 200 posts!

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