Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Families

Some families don’t know better.
Some families think they are fine.

Some families just keep going

Despite the dysfunction,

Despite the abuse,

Despite the addictions

The lies,

The hopes,

The truths.

Some families just exist each day.

Some families hang on blood.

Some families find a way

With the abuse,

With the pain,

With the confusion

Of roles,

Of expectations,

Of reality.

Some families beg to be normal.

Some families die a little each day.

Some families don’t even see the blood

That words draw,

That fists contuse,

That broken hearts seep

From stabs,

From breaks,

From futility.

Some families should not be.

Some families should dissolve.

Some families should find peace

By finding individuality,

By growing apart,

By forming scabs

That stop the blood,

That give the distance,

That allow the future.
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