Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thought Out

There are two more days until the first summer term of my second Masters degree is complete. All I can say right now is that I am tired. I wrote earlier in the summer about the task of re-learning to think and regain my academic stamina. Two months later and I am almost up to marathon pace.

The combination of work and school has kept me mentally engaged at least twelve hours a day. I have actually appreciated the challenge or work and school combined. Even though I did it before while earning my current (first) Masters degree, this round has nothing in common with the first time. I have never taken so many hours (12) in such a short time (two calendar months from start to finish) while working. That I came out relatively unscathed has been pretty amazing.

I did learn, though, that I am not as young as I was back then.

I am exhausted now and it is time for the school year to start, so there will be no rest soon, but I swear this Friday morning, I'm picking up a Harlequin romance novel rather than anything harder to read!

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